Solar Back-up Battery Add On:

This add-on is nice for emergency back up when the grid goes down. There are options for whole house batteries as well. Battery Back up systems right now require a significant investment and are all custom quoted.

Energy Audits

Requires 1-12 of your most recent electric bills and is required to start any home solar project.

Residential Solar Inverters Installation

Solar today is required on all new construction in California and Miami, FL This same law is being proposed in 23 other states over the next few years. These laws are only going to push the pricing higher and higher.

Currently if you go solar and are operational by 12/31/2020 you will receive a 26% Federal Tax Incentive Credit, depending where you live some local utility companies also offer a credit. When we do your energy audit we will also provide that information to you. If we cannot save you money, we will not sell you a system "unlike others".

With all of the changes taking place in our world when it comes to clean energy, the sooner you go solar the more you will save.

solar inverters installations

$1000 Dollars Cash Back Rebate Bonus

solar general contractor

Wha??? That’s Right I personally will give you $1,000 Cash 2-3 weeks following your install as a thank you for doing business with me. But wait! There is more. Your first solar payment that is lower or replacing your higher electric bill will not be due for 45-60 days after you go live. So the $1,000 can replace your first few payments. But wait! There is more. When you become an Ambassador for me, every time you refer someone to me and they go solar, you will receive another $1,000 for each person who goes green. Just one more reason to join me for your solar project. Lets have some fun and do our part to save the earth.

Check out this great video from Mission Solar

The Mission Solar Panels are made for Texas Weather In Texas and Are The Highest Rated American Made Panel!

Your Solar System is guaranteed bumper to bumper for 30 years. No games here.

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