Teresa G. – Frisco, TX

Scott Communicated with us every step of the way as did the Project Coordinator.Our project took 8 weeks and we are extremely happy we are saving over 35% permonth and our last electric bill was -$7. We should have done this sooner.


Joe M. – Crawfordville, FL

We had a number of issues with our project, none of them the companie’s fault.Our permitting office during Covid has been difficult. Scott was great at keepingus informed. The crew was clean and respectful, every step was great andresponse to questions was fast and accurate. Overall a great experience.


Nancy R. – Tucson, AZ

Wow, a $2 electric bill in the first month, and I haven’t even made my firstpayment. Wish I had done this much sooner, and the symmetric design looksgreat. I highly recommend Scott and his crew.


Randy F.- Wichita Falls, TX

I loved having a choice of panel brands, Scott was patient and informative, wesettled on the panels made for Texas weather and we are loving the savings weare seeing, I can wait to see the savings over time. I highly recommend thiscompany.R


David K.- Tallahassee, FL

What blows me away is how much energy we are creating even when its raining.I never knew how great having solar would be. Getting lots of questions fromneighbors. My project took 8 weeks, It was almost seamless. Scott and his crewwere great to work with.


Lilith Holman - McKinney, TX

I was a solar doubter until I met Scott who showed me in depth what it could mean to me. He made no huge promises and told me that in Texas it can be a break even proposition for the first year or so. Well he lied. We started saving right out of the gate, and based on how much the electric guys are raising rates, after 13 months I already see what Scott was explaining to me. Man was I humbled and I am glad I was. Scott is a great educator and I am very pleased my wife made me meet with him. .Don’t be a fool, reach out to him.


Caitlin Reynolds - Crossroads, TX

My solar bill is about 20% lower than what I was paying to CoServ and that is only going to get better and better as they raise rates. We got 80% coverage with Qcell panels plus we bought 2 LG Batteries for back up on about half our home. I wish I had done this long ago. Scott taught me things I did not know and he held my hand every step of the way. Our project took right around 8 weeks total due to county permitting taking its time. Scott does what he says and beyond, and he calls right back if we miss each other. This was a great experience and I love getting only an $8 electric bill.


Natalia Goodwin - Tallahassee, FL

Solar Now U.S. is associated with Powur Energy who I never heard of but learned is a huge company and are the General Contractor on every project in Florida, and Wow! were they impressive form the initial Zoom presentation through installation to the $1000 gift at the end. I connaot recommend Scott and the team more. Absolutely phenomenal I was skeptical after hearing Solar horror stories. My experience was flawless and the system I bought is over producing. last My electric bill was $4.32.and my solar payment is $80, Who could ask for more? My old bill was an average of $152. Go figure. Call Scott

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